• August 31, 2016
Statue Crafts

You should know that AA Gallery is a statue crafts center located in Cepogo, Boyolali, Central Java, Indonesia. We’ve had decades of experience in the service of making statue or sculpture in best quality because we make it’s done by experts and skilled in the art.

Statue is three-dimensional artwork. Statue is purpose of which is formed at will. There are 6 function of sculpture. First, religious statue that was built to give the means of worship. Second, the Statue monument, built to commemorate the historic event or the services of a hero. Third, the Statue of architecture, sculpture participate actively functioning in the construction of a building and not dekoarasi alone. Fourth, sculpture decoration, sculpture made to decorate the building or neighborhood park. Fifth, sculpture art, sculpture created to enjoy the beauty of its shape. And sixth, the Statue of crafts made by artisans for resale.
What Statue do you want ? Please see some AA Gallery’s statue craft products below. Of course, AA Gallery will create a statue as your desire with high quality.