• August 31, 2016
Relief Craft

Relief crafts from Indonesia are famous handicraft products, even to foreign countries. This is related to the historical development of Indonesia since the first consisting of many kingdoms. Each area would have a unique relief which different from each other. Relief at Borobudur Temple and Tugu Pahlawan is historical evidence that the craft of relief has become one of the characteristics of Indonesian culture. Now, AA Gallery presents craft Relief Relief copper and brass handicrafts ie sculpture and carving in the shape of a 3D made on copper or brass.

There’s no doubt, AA Gallery has decades of experience in the making copper relief craft and brass relief craft. Quality and artistic value of brass and copper products generated AA Gallery has been recognized by many people. Not one of you entrust your relief craft to AA Gallery. AA Gallery is an expert.

What kind of copper relief craft and brass relief craft made in AA Gallery? Here are some examples. Of course, the design continues to evolve with the times and demands of buyers.