• August 28, 2016
Logo Craft

The logo is a symbol that is commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote yourself to be known by the general public. The logo can also reflect the company’s identity. Usually, shaped logo graphic (symbols / icons) or consists of the name of the organization.

Currently, many agencies, organizations, and institutions to create a logo of copper and brass. Craft Logo of brass or copper is suitable installed outdoors because it is resistant to sunlight, water, and also anti-corrosion.
Quality Craft Logo AA Gallery’s work is well known. AA Gallery is ready to make craft quality logo in accordance with the logo of your agency, organization, or institution. Of course, the shape and size can be made in the right proportions.

As consideration, you can see examples of copper or brass logo that has been produced by the AA Gallery as below. If still not satisfied, please visit our showroom.