• September 29, 2016
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Logo of Indonesian Police Brimob Corps

Some time ago, AA Gallery received a special order from the police of the Republic of Indonesia, which is making some logos for Brimob (mobile brigade), Pelopor (Pioneer) and Gegana (bomb squad). Of course, AA Gallery is proud and happy to work on this important logo.

At a glance information about the Brimob (Mobile Brigade). In the past, Brimob called the Special Police Force whose task is to disarm the Japanese troops, to protect the head of state, and defend the capital. Brimob participated in several battles fought to defend the independence of Indonesia. Later, the Special Police Force changed its name to Mobile Brigade (Mobrig) on November 14, 1946. Fifteen years later changed its name again to the Corps Brigade (Brimob Corps).

In 1981 Brimob formed a new unit called sub unit Tamer Explosives (Jihandak) which is now referred to as Unit I Gegana (bomb squad). The brigade main function is as an elite corps to cope with emergency situations, namely assisting the cantonal police and solve crime with a high level of intensity that the use of firearms and explosives in the operation that requires fast action. Brimob has a section called pasukan Huru-Hara (PHH). Some elements of Brimob also been trained to conduct airborne operations. And also now conduct training SAR (Search And Rescue). In the history of Brimob, there are special forces, which once had a key role in the war of independence and feared opponent since it has a high capacity, Pelopor (the Pioneer).

Therefore, AA Gallery is proud to be a small part in the history of mobile brigade by making logos that look sturdy and elegant. Here is a picture of brass handicrafts of Logo of Indonesian Police Brimob Corps has been completed by the AA Gallery: