• September 29, 2016
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Leaves and Flowers Copper ArtWork

Artwork is a craft of high artistic value. Artwork become an important part of the room decor. Artwork can be any shape and made of diverse materials. And copper can be an attractive option to make an artwork. As seen in the craft leaves and flowers copper artwork created by AAGallery. This Artwork looks unique, sturdy, elegant and certainly durable.

Made from a copper plate with a thickness of 0.8mm and a copper pipe with diameter of about 1cm to 2cm depending on the size of the leaf stem to be made, the following are some of the leaves and flowers are still blooming and flowers are already in bloom.

It is suitable to be placed in the corner of the room or living room as decoration and makes the atmosphere even more comfortable. The execution of the copper leaf artwork is about 2 weeks, depending on the shape and size of its leaf. Here is an example of some of the artwork leaves or flowers of copper.