• September 29, 2016
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Copper and Brass Tiles To Wall and Floor

Tiles, even in the basic parts of a building, its presence is very important. Tiles, is not only as a floor, but also part of the decor of the room. Metal tiles can be an alternative of tiles made of ceramic or granite. of course, every type of tile has its own advantages and disadvantages. Copper and Brass Tiles certainly more to make the room more attractive and impressive luxury but the cost is certainly higher. However Copper and Brass Tiles has a higher level of durability because it is not easily broken and resistant to weather. Another plus, Copper and Brass Tiles can be ordered according to your tastes or wishes of the buyer, whereas ceramic tile and granite in general we have to buy according to the ceramic supplies on the market. Now, you do not need to be confused. AA Gallery is always ready at any time in taking orders crafts copper and brass including Copper and Brass Tiles crafts.

When hear or say the word tiles, our mind may be fixed on the function of the tiles for flooring purposes, but the tiles can be mounted on the wall as wallpaper for example. Copper and Brass tile is suitable both for wall and floor. Copper and Brass tiles for walls are generally installed in kitchens, bathrooms hotel, in the park, and also allows installed in other places. shape and pattern of interest, Copper and Brass Tiles very interesting to be installed in homes, villas, hotels, cafes, offices and others.

AA Gallery has often made Copper and Brass Tiles, there are some motifs ornament on tile production AA Gallery, such as: ornament batik, ornament primitive, ornament with the words (eg name of the character, the name of the hero, place names, street names, etc.), and also other ornaments according to the buyer. You want to have Copper and Brass Tiles? Entrusting all the experts, namely AA Gallery who has 24 years of focus on the craft of copper and brass.
Here are some Copper and Brass Tiles To Wall and Floor artificial results AA Gallery: