• September 29, 2016
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Adipura Monument

Adipura, a prestigious trophy that is contested by many cities each year in Indonesia. Adipura is a tribute to cities in Indonesia are managed in cleanliness and urban environmental management organized by the Ministry of Environment of Republic of Indonesia.

Adipura divided into five new categories. 1. Adipura Buana: Given to the local government that combines elements of social environment to form a livable city that is reflected from the urban environmentalist. 2. Adipura Kirana: Assessment focused on cities that will facilitate economic growth through trade, tourism and investmen-based environmental management. 3. Adipura Works: Combining social and economic aspects to form a productive city ct. Job creation, education, health, environment-friendly mass transport network and inter-regional cooperation. 4. Adipura Bhakti: confers Mayor / Regent best Progressive, collaborative and creative. 5. Adipura Paripurna: It is a tribute to the city / county to the achievement of at least two categories of several categories. Adipura should be able to promote the establishment of cities in Indonesia are not only clean, green and healthy, but also sustainable in the waste management system.

Adipura receiver for the city, would be very proud to display the trophy clean city in their region. AA Gallery also feel proud to be able to realize the adipura monument orders to several cities in Indonesia. Due to be installed outdoors, materials selection adipura monument had to be strong, durable, and resistant to hot and cold temperatures. That is why the adipura monument of copper or brass become the primary choice.

Here we present some photos manufacture adipura monument by AA Gallery: